Our Wedding Date: December 1, 2013

Wedding Party

  • Krystal & John's Wedding

    Wedding Fiesta

    Los Cabos, Mexico

    Added by Krystal & John on Wed, Oct 27th 2010

  • Tristyn Victoria

    Our Daughter The Flower Girl

    Our beautiful little angel Tristyn will be our Flower Girl !

    Added by Krystal & John on Fri, Jul 6th 2012

  • Jamie

    Maid Of Honor : Krystal's Long time BFF and (Little Sister)

    Jamie and I have been best friends's since our Sophmore year in High School in Florida . She is the closest thing to a sister I have ever had. I woud not know how I got through the last 12 + years with out her in my life. She is the most generous and genuine person I know. 

    Added by Krystal on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

  • Karess

    Bridesmaid : One of my Favorite people on Earth

    Karess is absolutly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is one of the very first firends I made after moving to LA and we have been unseperable since. Our relationship is so easy and filled with so much love and support. I could'nt see myself getting married with out her. 

    Added by Krystal on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

  • Richard

    BRIDESMATE -Most giving and thoughtful person I know

    Richard is hands down one of the most incredible people I know. He has always shown such love, support , honesty , dedication to friendship, and thoughfulness. When it came time to decide on godparents for Tristyn he was one of 3. He has been truly intrumental in being a support to John and I throughout our relationship since relocating to LA , and now helping us to raise Tristyn. I would really be lost without him , he is my sidekick in everything I do. 


    A little non traditional but Richard will be standing with the BRIDE!! 

    Added by Krystal on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

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  • Niko

    Officiant :Best Friend and God Father to Tristyn

    Niko is one of our closest and Dearest friends over the last 8 years. We would have to say that if anyone knew us better than we know ourselves he would be in a very small group of people. Niko has an extremely large heart and is very loving and supportive friend. Niko is as close to family as you can get for us and has been invaluable to our relationship. We have choosen Niko to be our Officant for our ceremony and we will be intimately be writting our vows with him.  

    Added by Krystal & John on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

  • Erik


    Erik is my Brother from another mother! We have what Krystal likes to call a Bromance.... Call it what you want but Erik is definitly a salt of the earth kind of guy and I couldn't imagine getting married without him by my side. 

    Added by John on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

  • Manny

    Best Man and our 3rd Musketeer , GodFather to Tristyn

    MANNY!!! One of the greatest men and friends we have ever know!! He plays such a piviotal role in our daily life and our modern family !  Manny will be playing double duty on our wedding day . He will be giving Krystal away, and standing with John as his best man! 

    Added on Tue, Feb 12th 2013

  • Charles


    Chukie!!!!! was Krystals Father's best friend, and later became one of John's Best friends.  He has always been there for both John and Krystal since the beginning.  He's been a suto Godfather to Krystal since she was about 12 yrs old and he has saved John from many hard times since they became friends in Jan 2003.  All in all one of the closest people in our life is Chuckie!!  We are honored that not only is he going to be there supporting both of us but that he has taken on the role as one of John's Groomsmen!!

    Added by John on Thu, Mar 14th 2013

  • Glenda

    Bridesmaid and John's Sister

    Glenda, or Geet for short, is John's big but little sister.  John and Geeta have always had a special bond.  She helped raise John since he was a baby...tickling his sides and singing him songs all through out his adolesence.  Glenda is the sweetest and most tiniest thing you'll ever meet.  She's a good ol country girl who would do anything for anyone she loves.  Like fly all the way to Cabo to support her little brother and future sister in law in there celebration of unity.  We are both touched and honered to have her standing by Krystal's side as a bridesmaid.  

    Added by Krystal on Thu, Mar 14th 2013

  • Steve

    Krystal's Stepdad and John's Boy ( Walking Tristyn Down the Aisle)

    Steve has been there for Krystal since she was 13 and has been such a huge part of her life during some very difficult time. He has watched her grow to be the woman she is today. John and Steve hit it off immediatly and have been close ever since. They are two good old country boys with the best sense of humor and  huge hearts that put family first. Steve is a one of a kind and we could not imagine not having play a role in the biggest day of our lives, aside from Tristyn being born of course. 

    Steve will be walking his grandaughter down the aisle and then taking his place by John's side. Tristyn loves her Gaga ( she named him herself) and will be thrilled to have him helping her make it down the aisle to where her Bella & Memaw are waiting.  

    Added on Tue, Apr 9th 2013

  • Bridesmaid

    Paloma Hernandez

    My dearest Paloma is one of the most positive and giving people we have the pleasure of having in our lives. She is has such a beautiful energy and light about her , and she always there when you need her no questions asked. I true friend in good times and in bad times. I could not imagine not having her by my side to help me keep my head on straight. We are blessed that she will be a part of our special day.

    Added by Krystal on Thu, Jun 13th 2013


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